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Accountability post 29th Oct 2018

It’s been a busy old week with half term happening. I had a bit of free time mid week and was able to sort out a few things at home, cleaning the oven and other essential life admin things. Most… Continue Reading →

How I track my editing progress using my bullet journal

At the beginning of April I received my line edit back from my editor. My next job is to go through the edits and accepting changes and clarifying the bits that need clarifying. For example that bit when a character… Continue Reading →


So a couple of days ago I wrote a blog post about how I wouldn’t be taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. You can read that one here  After I published it I heard from an old NaNo buddy from… Continue Reading →

Writing Update: June 2016

At the end of April I received back the developmental edits for Cleansing River, but since then my progress has stalled and I find myself in the position of having not worked Cleansing River for over a month.  Now you… Continue Reading →

Lessons learnt during writing year 0.

Lessons from Year 0: My first year as a writer. I finished my novel this week. I have finally written the whole story down on paper. I say whole story, but I know there are at least two more books… Continue Reading →

Why making bread is like writing a book.

My husband and I make all our own bread. (I say we but it is mostly him.) We started making bread about five years ago and have only bought bread occasionally since then. Over the years hubby has perfected his… Continue Reading →

My 5 methods of Procrastination.

I am extremely good at procrastination. I used to thrive on working right up to a deadline. When going on holiday I’ll leave my packing to the evening before or even the morning we leave sometimes. Writing is no different. As… Continue Reading →

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