Shifter Unknown by Rosie Reast

Shifter Unknown.

When Gerda’s village is attacked and massacred by Shifters she flees into the River and is swept downstream.

She is found near death by Mattheus one of the village elders of Rocky Shore. Mattheus, his wife Sarah and Healer Reselda help Gerda to recover her health and memories, but just when she is nearly healed, Gerda’s life is turned upside down when she discovers her fiance, who died in the massacre, lying badly injured on the beach of Rocky Shore. 

Bayards’s arrival begins a series of events that will change life at Rocky Shore forever, will Gerda be able to discover  the truth about her past and bring those responsible to justice.  

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About Rosie

I first started writing in 2011, juggling, writing, working and the challenge of being a mother to two small children. I have had many ups and downs in my writing journey but have found the trick is to just keep going.