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2021 Goals. Sustainable writing goals for a successful year.

Setting goals is easy, achieving them, not so much. Over the years I have been very good at setting and not achieving goals. 2020 provided me with the time and space (thanks to lockdown) to think about how I want… Continue Reading →

Lockdown 3: How to thrive lockdown activities.

Last week the UK went into it’s third lockdown due to Covid. Like many people I expected and wanted this to happen. Nonetheless it is hard to thrive in lockdown, and the winter seems to make this harder. Here my… Continue Reading →

2020 Review: What a year! Focusing on the positive

Every year I start a process of reviewing what has happened in the previous 12 months. My 2020 review feels more important than ever before, especially as I believe the UK will be entering lockdown again before too long. (stupid… Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo progress update for 2020.

Last month I wrote about my plan for succeeding with Nanowrimo and getting my writing mojo back. All while achieving Christmas calm by being prepared for the holiday season. You can read about that here. It is now 15th November… Continue Reading →

How to Win Nanowrimo & Achieve Christmas calm.

Like most people 2020 has been a very strange year but also an important one. I have learned to readjust my expectations and have realised (some of this was forced on me) that I am not super human and can’t… Continue Reading →

John Staffhand: a Short Story by Rosie Reast

Sticky Post

This exclusive short story started life as a fantasy writing prompt.

Dealing with the Overwhelm

Recently I have been feeling super overwhelmed in most aspects of my life. I never seem to have the time to write, (meaning I’ve turned into a writer who doesn’t really write); I’ve once again been neglecting to blog. (I… Continue Reading →

Farewell to Google Plus

Back in 2011 I received an email inviting me to join an exciting new social media platform. That platform was Google Plus. At first I didn’t really get much out of the platform and after a brief play around with… Continue Reading →

Why I Write

Last year was a difficult one for writing and I gave serious consideration to mothballing my website and having a complete long term break from writing. This forced me to examine why I had so much of my time putting… Continue Reading →

February 2019 Favourites

This month has been a bit of a crazy one, with not much time for anything except work and spending time with the kids. Mostly thanks to a sneaky mid month ear infection. What I’m reading On Writing by Stephen… Continue Reading →

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