About Rosie.

When not writing I enjoy playing with my children and searching for vinyl in second-hand shops with my husband, or playing traditional folk music. I love playing board games, computer games and satisfying my Netflix addiction while ironing.
My first novel Shifter Unknown will be ready really soon. (I literally only have a few more chapters left to sort out! )

5 Things you might not know about me.

  1. I love old things that give me a glimpse into how people used to live. These might be pictures, objects or books.  (I especially love the books!)
  2. I am a keen amateur musician, I’ve been playing the violin (fiddle) for over 25 years. I attempt to play the guitar and mandolin, with varying degrees of success.
  3. Loves Marmite
  4. Is convinced there is a creature who sneaks around stealing tea from people’s cups.
  5. Used to believe it was impossible to have too much Lego. Until we reached the point of ‘too much Lego’.