Last week the UK went into it’s third lockdown due to Covid. Like many people I expected and wanted this to happen. Nonetheless it is hard to thrive in lockdown, and the winter seems to make this harder. Here my planned how to thrive lockdown activities

Thrive lockdown activities

I was going to going to write about my goals for the year ahead, following on from my review of 2020, but these seem a little redundant now we have entered lockdown, once I have finished here I will revisit and see if they are still relevant and attainable. (Sadly the goal about travelling and festivals doesn’t feel very attainable right now).

Instead I am going to write a note to myself (in blog form) about the lessons I learned during the last two lockdowns about how to keep me and my family healthy both physically and mentally.

Basically a list of How to Thrive Lockdown activities

Embracing routines and rituals.

I’ve always enjoyed the routines and rituals, involved with going to the office everyday. I especially enjoy the feeling of leaving work and the stresses and strains of my job behind. Working from home due to Covid has taken this away. I am lucky that my husband set me up a desk at the beginning of March, and this is where I work most of the time. It is very very easy to work excessive hours at my home desk to the detriment of my family life and my health.

This is not a good thing.

At the start of each working day I will write my finish time on a post-it note above my desk and don’t work beyond that time. At the end of each working day I then pack away my work things and paperwork so the work stuff is firmly put in it’s place and I don’t have to think about it. Finally I turn off my work phone and don’t check it until the next morning.

These routines and rituals provide me with peace of mind, and help to stop work bleeding into every area of my life. (not a good thing at all)

Celebrating successes. No matter how small.

I want my children to thrive with their lockdown activities. No matter what else happens this will be a defining moment in their lives (and everyone else who is living at this time). Everyone is very caught up with worrying about what the pandemic means and problems this could lead to in the future. However, despite this worry being entirely natural and understandable, I don’t want it to define or overwhelm my kids.

Even in January the gorse is in flower.

So I try to celebrate their successes, my eldest has adapted to their new home-schooling routine super well. They are managing their time, logging on an participating in lessons without too much input from me. They have mastered the necessary technology to access these lessons. That is a massive achievement. Using and getting used to new technology is something everyone struggles with, so adapting so quickly is amazing. (hiding an open window of roblox behind their work was less amazing but for different reasons).

I will also be celebrating my own successes, remembering that each day is bringing us closer to the end of the pandemic, whenever that will be.

Focus on relaxing and family time

Relaxing family walk on Cornish Cliffs

I am going to focus on making time to relax as a family. It is far too easy to keep going on auto-pilot trying to achieve everything, but this is not a healthy thing and will lead to problems, instead i will be focussing on the following

  • Playing with my children
  • Watching interesting TV with hubby (hopefully without falling asleep)
  • Getting the garden ready for summer. (once the ground dries out a bit
  • Decluttering the house.
  • Playing computer games (currently trying to get past the second boss on Demon Souls.
  • Reading and listening to Audiobooks. (I use Borrowbox which lets me borrow audiobooks through my local library.)
  • Getting out in nature for daily exercise.
  • Supporting local shops and producers where possible. (trying hard not to use Amazon).
  • Crafting things, knitting and sewing.
  • Consistently writing.

This is quite a long list of activities, and so I will above all things be following my most important thrive lockdown activity:

Be Kind to me.