Last year was a difficult one for writing and I gave serious consideration to mothballing my website and having a complete long term break from writing.

This forced me to examine why I had so much of my time putting words onto pages, building the world of Gapone and Tration, building a website and navigating the murky waters of social media to ‘build my platform’.

In short focusing on why I write.

  • I write to satisfy the need to know what happens next.
  • I write to find solutions to problems and thought experiments, answering the question of “What would happen if……?”
  • I write because I find it relaxing, especially writing on paper by hand.
  • I write to clear my mind of the stresses and strains of everyday life
  • I write to Make Good Art, to make my creative mark on the world.
  • I write to have freedom to research interesting things, to give myself permission to indulge my desire to learn more. (History, science, pokemon types I love it all)
  • I write to imagine what life would be like to live in a world where rules are different. (eg if people could shift their shape).
  • I don’t write in the hopes of getting rich, (although that would be lovely). But I do write for the future that one day my backlist might make life more comfortable.
  • I write for people to be delighted and inspired as the connections I have spent so long weaving and hiding into my stories are revealed.
  • Mostly though I write for my children, for their future, to give them a legacy and show them anything is possible if they consistently apply themselves.