This month has been a bit of a crazy one, with not much time for anything except work and spending time with the kids. Mostly thanks to a sneaky mid month ear infection.

What I’m reading

  • On Writing by Stephen King, I finished this one last night and was once again reminded of two things. 1) Mr King is an amazing writer. 2) My own reasons for writing, (more on that one next month)
  • Seveneves by Neal Stephenson: I’m listening to the audiobook of this amazing story. I first discovered Neal Stephenson through his Baroque Cycle books, and love the sheer level of nerdy detail he puts into his books. (I tried but didn’t like Snowcrash or Diamond Age, probably should try these again). I’m nearly at the end of Seveneves, a tale of what happens when one day the moon explodes and how humanity copes. The depth of detail is amazing as I would expect this author, and I now feel like I understand much more about the physics involved in space travel.
  • Shifter Unknown by me. I had an epiphany with my book in Jan 19, and have now finished the latest pass of editing. I am currently reading my own book as I would any other book, trying to forget I wrote it to see if it is good enough, and spot any obvious errors. So far my bullet journal is full of notes of things that are missing, but on the whole I’m feeling positive about it. Progress indeed.

What I’m watching

  • True Detective Season 3: My earlier excitement about Season 3 was well deserved, I’ll be watching the finale later on this evening, (once I hit publish) and can’t wait to find out how everything will be resolved. (Trying hard to not give out spoilers.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: I love Grey’s Anatomy, have watched every season several times and cried at certain pivotal moments everytime. The second half of Season 15 has just started here in the UK and so far it’s not disappointing.
  • 6 Nations Rugby Tournament: I love watching the 6 Nations. I love the way you can see the season change as the tournament progresses, from the snow flurries of the initial games to the sunshine and spring flowers of the finals. I especially like it when England do well, and hopefully the might still regain the trophy this year.

What I’m playing

  • Sudoku: I first started playing this years ago when the puzzle first appeared in newspapers. Then I stopped. Recently I have got bored with the pointless games I was playing to switch off during my commute home and wanted to challenge my mind a bit more. Turns out I’m pretty rubbish at Sudoku now but I am enjoying the challenge.
  • Fortnite: Like many other young kids my son loves Fortnite and has been telling about the latest developments in the story. Trying to workout what the theme of the new season will be and what the earthquakes mean. Playing the game with him has reawakened my enjoyment of computer games.
  • Wolfenstein New Order: Having been reminded of computer games by playing Fortnite, I decided to catch up on some of the many games I had missed since last seriously picking up a game pad. I was also constrained (and aided) by games hubby had already played, meaning I get to avoid some of the less good ones. So far I’m enjoying the way the story of this one is developing as I discover more about the world.