Since nearly giving up on writing at the end of last year I have been refocusing on things I enjoy and making sure I leave enough mental space to allow new story ideas to flourish.
So as January 2019 is nearly over I thought I would share some of the things I have been enjoying this month. Programmes I have been enjoying on television, books I am currently reading and things I am listening too. (Especially good on the long bus journey to work each day)

I don’t have a picture of the bus I use everyday, but this could be me if there was more rain.

What I’ve been watching

  • Titans: Currently on Netflix this new series explores the origin story of how DC’s Titans (of Teen Titans fame) got together, only this one is definitely not for children. It is very violent but the story is intriguing. I can’t wait to find out just who Kori Anders really is and what is going on with Rachel’s scary mirror alter ego.
  • True Detective Season 3: Season 1 of True Detective was one of the most amazing stories I have experienced. I loved the way the storyline switched between timelines, constantly leaving you guessing about not only had happened, but also what had gone so wrong in the earlier case to leave Matthew McConaughey’s character a wreck of a man. Season 2 was a disappointing sequel (although I do think if season 2 had come out before season 1 it would have been considered differently), but with season 3 True Detective is back on form. I’m only three episodes in at the moment but the way the story dances between three time periods and deals with the tricky subject of memory is very cool.

What I’m reading

  • On Writing by Steven King: I first read this book back in 2013 when I first got serious about my writing. I have revisited it periodically since then but having suffered from a form of writers block most of last year, I realised it was time to read it once more. I’d forgotten how inspiring it was to read writing advice from one of the great writers and it has definitely helped me rediscover my love for writing.
  • The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson: I really enjoyed reading the first two books in Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy and although I had been told the third book was slightly disappointing I found this one of the best. I loved hearing about how Lisbeth’s friends all rallied round to help during her hour of need. (I don’t to say too much more because of spoilers, but I loved this book).

What I’m listening to.

My musical taste is normally very broad and a bit strange, but this month I’ve discovered how to link a spotify playlist to my alarm clock. (I am a little embarrassed about how long it took me to sort this one out).
My current wake up music includes:

  • Ukulele Anthem by Amanda Palmer
  • Bills by LunchMoney Lewis
  • The Devil went down to Georgia by The Charlie Davis Band
  • Kooks by David Bowie
  • The Rites of Man (traditional folk tune)
  • I am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)

This collection makes the world feel much better when walking (or running when I’m late) to the bus in the dark early mornings.