Last week I shared my review of 2018, (which you can find here). 
So now I thought I would share my goals for the year ahead. They are not super ambitious but hopefully are attainable.

  1. Read 33 books. For the last few years I have been tracking how many books I read each year on Goodreads. Last year I read 32 so I’m hoping to make 33 this year. I have a widget thing on the side which links to my Goodreads account so you can follow my progress.
  2. Write 12 short stories. I found writing really hard last year, and want to focus back in on the sheer pleasure of writing new stories. Answering the question of ‘What if this happened and then this? One story a month feels entirely doable and not too pressured or stressful.
  3. Share the completed short stories here on this website.
  4. Publish Shifter Unknown. I was going to mothball this and concentrate on short stories but then I had a ‘eureka’ moment I hope to be able to share what this moment was in Feb 2019.
  5. Complete professional qualification in my day job.
  6. Keep weekends free for family time.
  7. Cook more.
  8. Play more folk music.