Normally in a post like this I would start by reviewing 2018, sharing word counts and time spent on writing. But I’m not going to do that this time.

2018 was a good year for me in general, I have a job I love, and my kids & husband are amazing, but creatively, writing wise, it was not a good year. In fact 2018 was my worst writing year since I started getting serious about writing back in 2012. It turns out that starting in a new role with a steep learning curve and heavy workload is not conducive to writing.

All year my mind has felt too full of the details of everyday life, to give me the space to think properly about writing or develop ideas. Yet whereas in previous years I would have shared the details of my life, by blogging, I have increasingly realised that there are some parts of my life I need to keep private and offline.

Unfortunately this left me with a problem about what to blog about, I tried blogging about my lack of writing energy. But after a while it felt that I was constantly blogging about how hard I was finding writing and why ‘Shifter Unknown’ still was finished. A negative and quite boring topic. So instead of blogging about something I felt was negative and boring, (that’s really not who I am) I just stopped blogging altogether.

Confucius quote from

Over Christmas and New Year I finally had time to stop and think. I had some time off from work and was able to properly relax, without the pressures of work and school routines getting in the way. I really needed this.

During the break I consciously did not think about writing. I don’t think I even turned my laptop on. Instead I read books, played games and watched films with my family. I did however give serious thought to how I want my life to be, recent months have been far too busy and I have taken steps to adjust my work life balance. (So far so good)

Giving up was a tempting option, albeit one that would be admitting failure. I have seriously entertained this idea but ultimately I have decided not to throw away my years of writing effort, but to set myself some easily attainable goals to be kinder to myself, while making progress in 2019.