It’s been a busy old week with half term happening. I had a bit of free time mid week and was able to sort out a few things at home, cleaning the oven and other essential life admin things. Most importantly though I have firmed up my plans for NanoWrimo and am looking forward to getting stuck in to a new book in a couple of days time!

This week’s tasks include finding my gloves, watching fireworks and taking my kids trick or treating!

The troublesome chapter of Shifter Unknown is still proving tricksy but I’m getting better at doing little bits every day. Partly achieved through uploading the chapter into word and linking with my phone. Now I can blog, write and edit my drafts on the bus!

Anyway here are the stats for last week

Work: 29.4%

Writing: 3%

Sleep: 33%

Travel: 7%

Other life things: 27%