Here are my stats for last week.


  • Made Christmas cake
  • Caught up with ironing
  • 1 good focused session of editing
  • Fixed bug on my site so can now blog during my commute. (With lots of help from web host and WordPress people)
  • Relaxed with family


Writing: 2.4%

Travelling: 7.1%

Work: 27.4%

Sleep: 33%

Family and life admin: 30.1%

Writing progress

I’m still struggling with editing Shifter Unknown. When writing my first draft during NanoWrimo back in 2014 I stopped during December. A fatal mistake. Upon starting again it was really hard to get back into the story and there was a disconnect at this point. This part of the story has always felt rough and ready, although it’s much better after several rounds of editing. I’m now fixing the final parts of this and it requires melding several chapters into one to get rid of the rubbish bits.

Hopefully I’m nearly there but (and this isn’t whining or moaning) it is really hard to unpick and get right.

I hope to have more time to sort this during the week ahead. The goal is to finish before the start of NanoWrimo in November.