For the last few months I’ve found it really difficult to find the time to blog.  I have things I want to blog about, the new series of Doctor Who, why I don’t like The Walking Dead, and many other things.  

However, between family life, work and a really long commute each day, blogging consistently has been really difficult, as has finding the energy to write and finish my book: Shifter Unknown. I am making progress, but it feels painfully slow at times. 

I do have a plan though, and hopefully it is a plan that will work.  

  1. Be accountable for my time. 
  2. Share stats on writing time etc as a percentage of my week
  3. Share plans for week ahead, and be accountable for previous week.

I’ll publish the first of these updates this Sunday. In  the meantime why not have a look at a video about not being able to record vidoes from Garrett Robinson, a super talented Indie Author, writer of the Under Realm series, and YouTuber.