For the last few months (actually more like 6 months) I have found it very difficult to focus on my writing.  However, I know why I have found it difficult, basically lots of things in my life changed suddenly leaving me needing to reexamine what was important and why I was writing.

Work Life Balance

Changing jobs is the most major change that happened since I last posted on here. I now spend 3 hours on a bus everyday, leaving early, and not getting back till the early evening. This leaves me little time to focus on finishing my book (Shifter Unknown) nor to post on here. There are positives to my commute, I have now learnt how to read on a bus without getting travel sick, so am finally able to catch up on my reading. More importantly I have time to think, to sit and stare out of a window, mulling over problems I am facing in my writing.

I have also adapted my writing goals, I will be publishing this year. (I know I’ve said this before) but I won’t be starting my next book until later on this year. I will no longer be trying to blog every week, but will instead focus on blogging consistently (probably about once a month to start with).

I am still working hard on my book, it came back from the editor last spring and since then I have worked to fix the issues identified by the editor. Personal events have progress difficult but I only have a few more chapters left to go which means I can soon turn my attention to my next big task.

Revamping The Website

This site is now nearly 4 years old, and with over 170 posts has become rather sprawling and unyielding. I have decided I need to systematically go through these old posts, correctly categorizing them and deciding if they are still relevant. I want to blog more about my interests, namely writing books, playing folk music, reading great books  and living a fulfilling sustainable life.
It is going to take sometime to work through the clutter I have accumulated on here but the end result will be worth it. At least I hope so.

What to expect from now on

The rest of February 2018 will be taken up with starting to make changes, some posts will be unpublished, some will be moved to a different area or format. (Mainly the world-building guides I have written over the years). There will be new categories and proper pages explaining when Shifter Unknown will be released and what the book is about.

New posts will be published on the first Monday of each month.