My first novel Shifters Unknown is set on the world of Gapone, a world in the far reaches of the Tration Empire. A fantasy adventure about Shifters.

What is a Shifter?

Shifters are humans who have the ability to shift their skins into the shape of another creature.

So Shifters are like Werewolves?

Yes and no.  While many shifters can only shift into a wolf shape, others can shift into other creatures: bears, fish, birds, mice, etc.  Very rarely shifters can change into more than one creature but this is highly unusual.

How do Shifters change shape?

Shifters use the power of a full moon to change shapes, but rather than this change happening spontaneously upon sight of the full moon, Shifters can control the energy, storing it to use when the need arises.

An individual’s first shift is normally a spontaneous shifting brought on by moments of great danger or stress.  Typically this first shift occurs during teenage years.

Are Shifters accepted in society?

Before Gapone became part of the Tration Empire, shifters were an respected and recognised part of society. Although some were suspicious of their customs shifters and non shifters lived side by side without any problems.  This all changed when the Tration Empire arrived. Within  a few years Shifters were marginalised in society and forced into hiding. Eventually their existence was both denied and feared as Shifters were blamed for crimes across Gapone, most notably the massacre at Hopewood.