At the beginning of April I received my line edit back from my editor. My next job is to go through the edits and accepting changes and clarifying the bits that need clarifying. For example that bit when a character disappears mid chapter.
In the past when I’ve gone through edits I have taken it chapter by chapter, however this time I’m going to take a slightly different approach.

  • Step One: Read through all the comments my editor has left, planning out how to fix the issues she has identified, by responding to the comments.
  • Step Two: Accept or not the simple grammar changes, commas etc.
  • Step Three: Systematically resolve the comments adding bits in where necessary and making sure the plot makes sense. This will probably involve expanding and clarifying my world building. (More on this in a later post)
  • Step Four: Read through for grammar, sense and spelling. Changing things where necessary
  • Step Five: Finally publish.

While preparing to send the manuscript to be line edited I tracked my progress in my bullet journal marking each chapter as complete as I worked. I’m not sure this approach will work for this final push towards publishing. So instead I’ve made separate trackers for each stage. Initial Comments. Grammar appraisal. Resolving Comments. Grammar and sense.
The end result looks a bit like this:

I’ve finished Step One, just the other steps to go.

You’ll notice that Step One is already completed and I hope to colour in a few more squares in Step Two later on today. I find using my bullet journal in this way really helps to keep me motivated and on task. Its been a long old journey to get Cleansing River ready for sharing with the world and the danger of overwhelm is a very real.
I have set myself the rough deadline of May to finish these steps and then Cleansing River will be ready for formatting and releasing into the world.
Wish me luck and lots of energy!