Half way through January I started a Bullet Journal. At this point you probably have to questions running through your mind.
a) What is a bullet journal?
A bullet journal is a combination of a diary, a journal and a general book to scribble things in, basically it can be anything you want it to be, and that is the beauty of it.
b) Why would anyone start a new diary/ journal in the middle of January? Surely you’re meant to start on 1st of Jan?
My last diary was an 18 month one I started in July last year, (after the disaster of the one before that tried to be a bullet journal but without the flexibility) and so I didn’t have a new diary this January. My old diary wasn’t quite right for the bullet things so I have moved it to being my work diary which it does very well.

At the moment my pages don’t look this pretty, but one day…

Anyway I have now been working with my bullet journal for about 6 weeks, and have literally fallen in love with my bullet journal, (it even stays next to my bed every night).

  1.  I’m getting things done.

    I know this might seem strange but the mere act of writing tasks out each day means they actually get done. I love the feeling of being able to cross tasks off knowing that my bullet journal list is THE list with everything on.

  2.  Analogue Memory Storage

    I use my bullet journal as a medium long term memory device, when appointments are made I don’t have to carry them around in my head till I remember to put them in my diary or on a google calendar, I just write things in my journal and I’m good to go.  This is fantastic for writing related tasks and other important projects like my kids spellings, or simply remembering when they have done something extra speci

    This is how my journal looked at first.

  3. Mistakes don’t matter.

    I have always loved the feeling of a fresh chance when starting a new page or even better a new book. Of course while at school (and now if I’m honest) my pages were quickly covered in what was recently described as chicken scratches with the mistakes and crossings soon appearing. This still happens with my Bullet Journal of course but with each new week comes the chance to try a new layout and slowly but surely things are being done.

  4. Unleashing my artistic side.

    I have never excelled at art, as a small child my colouring would struggle to stay in the lines and as I grew older things got progressively worse, there are two incidents that stick out in my mind, the first involved yellow orchre paint which went everywhere! (although to be fair I only wanted a little bit of this colour and but the top fell off mid pour.) Shortly afterwards I was told I had no artistic talent and stopped trying to draw anything more complicated than a simple line fish for years.
    With my Bullet Journal I get to colour things in (neatly) and make pretty headings. Most of the time they don’t look very good, but as I draw in notes for folk tunes I want to learn, or colour in a square of something I am tracking I find a deep sense of pleasure. For the first time in my life I am enjoying drawing and even though I am still not terribly neat nor good at it I am enjoying the process.

    I’ve started to experiment with different headings and boxes

  5.  Side Projects all in one place.

    I was once told that my musical taste was so broad it was ridiculous, (I like both intense metal tracks, classical, embarrassingly cheesey pop, trad folk music and anything in between). The same could be said for my interests I have many different projects on the go from folk tunes I want to learn, to making things with my vintage sewing machine, to book ideas, board games I want to play, ideas for marketing or my son’s weekly spelling list. I also love listening to a wide range of podcasts which often spark ideas of things I need to try. Finally I have an organised place I can put all these things down without having to search, I look up the correct page in the index and take it from there.

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