So a couple of days ago I wrote a blog post about how I wouldn’t be taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. You can read that one here  After I published it I heard from an old NaNo buddy from previous years you suggested I become a NaNoRebel.

“NaNoRebel?” I thought, “What on earth is a NaNoRebel?” Well after a bit of research I found out.

Normally NaNoWriMo is just for writing a shiny new novel or at least 50,000 words of one in November, a NanoRebel is someone who is writing something else.  Some rebels write poetry, some work on short stories, and others,  like me this year, revise or edit previous NaNo novels.

Find out more about NanoRebels here

As someone who loves a good challenge, I am delighted that I can participate in NaNoWrimo again. There’s something about the community and also the external deadline that really helps my productivity, (something I’ve struggled with this year). But all good challenges have to have proper constraints and rules, and the normal ones don’t really work this year.

So how exactly will I track my progress this year?

I am going to be implementing the edits for Cleansing River.  I currently have 30 chapters, each with 2-3 sections to go through. My editor has also recommended that I add in around 30,000 words  expanding on certain parts of the story.

Now the great and the good of Nanowrimo land recommend counting an hour of revision as 1000 words, but even on my best writing days I have never managed 1000 words, so instead I am going to count each section as 1000 words towards my wordcount.

All being well I should finish editing Cleansing River and be a massive step closer to publishing my first novel.

Finally I leave you with the song thats been whizzing round my head since I heard about NaNoRebels.  Who doesn’t love a bit of David Bowie?