Chosen as Healer of Rocky Shore at an unusually young age, Reselda’s healing skills are renown all over Gapone. Healers from all over Gapone come to ask her advice about difficult cases sometimes bringing their patients with them, and  apprentice Healers are regularly sent to have their skill in Joining tested by Reselda.

Reselda takes Gerda as her apprentice, the only true apprentice she has taken for years, unfortunately Gerda is unaware of the honour she has been shown and the pair clash constantly.

Rocky Shore

This picture is similar to how I imagine the shoreline of the River Clens near the Rocky Shore village

Rocky Shore where Gerda was found by Mattheus. 

After being escaping from the massacre of Hopewood and being swept downriver nearly 100 miles, Gerda is washed ashore near the village of Rocky Shore.

Fortunately she is found by Mattheus a senior member of the village council, and her many injuries are treated by Reselda the village healer.

Rocky Shore, is a large size village and exports fish across Gapone, recently they have been filling barrels with river water that are taken as tribute by the Administration.

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