Administration or The Administration to give the organisation its proper title, Gapone, is a world on the outskirts of the Tration Empire. The Administration runs everything on Gapone, controlling trade, taxes and curfews.

As Gapone has only recently joined the Tration Empire, the Administration is not trusted by the general population of Gapone. However, the Administration has managed to control the worst excesses of the Shifters, and so the population prefer to live safely with curtailed liberty, than free but in danger from Shifters.

Measures the Administration has taken to keep the Gaponese people safe include:

  • Curfew: no travelling outside towns and cities at nighttime.
  • All Shifters must be registered.
  • No Shifting in the streets of towns and cities.
  • All towns, villages and cities will be protected from Shifters, if they pay the tribute.

The village of Hopewood, refused to pay the tribute, and the Administration removed its protection. Hopewood was attacked by Shifters several weeks later.