I’m writing this while waiting for the train to take me to my day job. So far my Nanowrimo attempt is going well.  Yesterday I had my best writing day ever and wrote 3374 words taking me up to 15500 in total.  Slightly ahead of where I was meant to be yesterday. 

The writing hasn’t been totally plainsailing this year and I fell behind during the week.  Mainly because working and writing use the same part if my brain so I need to make sure I’m not running totally on empty.  This morning I meant to get up early and write but a sleepless night meant this wasn’t to be.  

This time last year I was behind for the whole month and I found nanowrimo a stressful experience.  Turns out establishing a buffer is a much nicer way to do nanowrimo. 

I’m hoping to keep hitting my targets for the rest of the week so I can crank out the words on Friday.

Story wise things are going well.  I’m really enjoying writing the sequel to Cleansing River and love the way the characters have developed since the first book. I’m hoping to get the entire first draft finished this month, leaving me free to concentrate on the developmental edits of Portal Wars when they return in December.  Well that and a small thing called Christmas.  (Not prepared at all).