As part of my Nanowrimo experience I thought I would keep a short diary about the challenge, how I’m feeling, progress made, and maybe a little about this year’s novel.

This year I am aiming to complete the whole story in November, this will leave December free to work on the returning edits of Portal Wars: Empire Corrupted. I am also trying to get my words written in the early morning, leaving the rest of the day free for other things, playing board games with my children or Halo with my husband.

This morning I got up slightly later than planned and slightly missed my window of quiet before the children woke up. I’ve tried to start my days with a bit of exercise recently, and I managed to do a bit of yoga with the kids. Yoga done and breakfast eaten I then started to write. Its been quite a while since I started writing a brand new story, as most of this year has been taken up with the different stages of editing. I found focussing on the story and writing consistently fairly hard but I managed to write just over 2000 words before lunchtime, giving me time to watch Doctor Who with the family and have a relaxing evening.

My target for tomorrow is 4000 words, thus allowing me to write less later in the week, when I’m working without falling behind. I’m determined not to fall behind this year as playing catch up isn’t terribly pleasurable. Feeling positive about tomorrow and confident I’ll hit my target of 8000 words by Wednesday so I can go to the weekly board game meeting.

Daily Word Count: 2047

Total Word Count: 2047