I have decided to do Nanowrimo, the awesome challenge of writing a novel, or at least 50,000 words of a novel, in November. This year will be my third year taking part in Nanowrimo, and I am hoping it will be my third year of ‘winning’ or writing 50,000 words in November. However, this year I have decided to take part very late (literally on 26th October) and so haven’t had a chance to properly organise myself for the task ahead.

All is not lost though I have two days left to prepare for Nanowrimo, so I thought I would share my plan for last minute Nanowrimo preparation.

1) Defeat the ironing pile

Ironing takes time, although I quite enjoy ironing and use my ironing time to catch up on my favourite shows on Netflix, I will be doing minimum ironing during November.ironing Defeating the ironing pile now means I will have a buffer of clean ironed clothes so I can focus on writing and not  get distracted by the ironing or Netflix!

2) Plan for Christmas.

For the last two years I have felt very unprepared for Christmas, I start Nanowrimo feeling very prepared, but once December hits I have no time. I end up panic buying, missing postage dates and staying up too late writing Christmas cards. Not good. This year I am prepared for the November birthdays, will start my Christmas cards this weekend, and have made progress with the Christmas present list.

3) Write a Roadmap for my Novel

I tend to be a bit of a pantser in my first drafts, but I know things will go much better if I have a basic plan, or roadmap for where I want my characters to end up. This year I will be working on the sequel to Cleansing River, (current working title: Cleansing River 2) and I need to make sure I start to expand some of the puzzles I included in the first book.

4) Miracle Mornings and routine

This year I am planning to use my Miracle Mornings to get most of my writing done. This will be the first year I’m not working shifts during Nanowrimo and so I know I can schedule and plan a consistent writing routine for the first time. One of my markers for success will be keeping this new routine going into the New Year. I’m hoping to keep my evenings free for blogging and spending time with my children and husband.

5) Planning rewards

I’ve recently started going to a weekly game evening, where I get to meet new people and play board games, (and Netrunner!) I don’t want to miss out on this experience, but am only allowed to attend Games Night if I am ahead of schedule, as I tend to get home very late after Games Night it will be difficult to get up early the next day, complete my word count and then go to work. By setting Games Night targets I won’t be making things harder.

6) Housework and Meal planning

To stand a chance at Nanowrimo this year, (especially without spending the whole of December recovering and playing catch up) I will need to plan my meals and make sure my house is clean and organised (ish) before the month begins. I have learnt from experience that nothing eats into your word count like a last minute errand.

homemade lunch box at modern stylish work place, view from above

homemade lunch box at modern stylish work place, view from above

Are you doing Nanowrimo this year? What are you doing to prepare for this amazing event?
Do you think my own preparation is focussing too much on non writing elements of life?

Let me know in the comments