Although referred to by the Empire population, as Pathin Monks or The Pathin, within the order there are different Paths or sects for monks to join. All Monks have to join a Path and are expected to become skilled in aspects of the Path, known as Waypoints.

Each Path has different Waypoints only the most talented and experienced monks are expected to reach the higher markers. These monks usually become contenders for the role of High Priest and Regent of the Empire. Below is a short summary of each Path and major Waypoints of the Path (where known).

1) World Finders.

Key Responsibilities: Finding new worlds and making recommendations about suitability to join the Tration Empire. Some worlds are considered to primative or violent to join the largely peaceful Tration Empire.

Waypoints: A basic Waypoint is being able to open and maintain a Portal to a previously undiscovered world.

Any monk establishing  a trade route with a new world is automatically granted the rank of Master in recognition of reaching an advanced Waypoint.

2) Librarians or Lore Keepers

Key Responsibilities: Maintaining Pathin Library, ensuring books are kept in good condition and in the right area. Helping monks on other Paths to find the books they need and protecting endangered sacred texts.

Waypoints: Basic Waypoints include being able to locate books by subject area and maintaining the Library Paths, (these can become hazardous if books become unruly.)

Any monk able to act as a conduit between the searching monk and the library is granted a high rank within the Path, this applies to any monk discovering a sacred text such as the Book of Portals.

3) Medical Path.

Key Responsibilities: Ensuring the health of all Monks and general population of the Empire. In the past Monks would spend most of their time researching diseases and injuries affecting the people of the Empire. But in recent times the Medics have concentrated on researching the effects of prolonged Portal Use on the body. Rumour speaks of a secret branch dedicated to researching Void Creatures.

Waypoints: Unlike the other Paths medics are awarded their first waypoint after passing tests in all areas of Medicine, proving the ability to diagnose and treat a variety of common  ailments.

It is unknown what is involved in the high level waypoints, but experiments with artificial limbs and cutting are suspected.

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