I love writing by hand. This will probably come as a surprise to most people who know me as my handwriting is atrocious. If I don’t concentrate I sometimes struggle to read my own writing. Not great. And yet I find writing by hand enjoyable.

For people like me with bad handwriting the digital age is wonderful, it allows us to write safe in the knowledge that our thoughts will be accurately be transmitted to another. And yet time and time again I return to writing things by hand as my preferred method of getting thoughts out of my head.

I have always loved writing, when I was studying for exams I would write out my notes by hand to aid my memory. If I typed the same notes they wouldn’t stay in my brain. Since I have been writing properly I tend to write out my initial ideas by hand. I was given a Moleskine notebook and a fountain pen for my birthday and they have been my constant companions  since then.

For my birthday I was also given an ink well that belonged to my great grandmother. It sits on  my bookshelf in the main room I write in. I look at it sometimes as  I write and imagine the world before technology took over. The prompt for this post asked if I could go back to that world. Despite my love of handwriting I wouldn’t go back. I love being able to connect with people half a world away. I love hearing stories that change my perspective and make me think about my world.

But most of all I think of those who have been given a voice by technology, people who might have been trapped without communication were it not for technological advances. Pandora’s Box has been opened.