About Rosie.

When not writing I enjoy playing with my children and searching for vinyl in second hand shops with my husband. I love playing boardgames, computer games and satisfying my Netflix addiction while ironing!
Portal Wars: Empire Corrupted is my first novel and will be published in early 2016.

My second novel: Cleansing River (working title) will be published in late 2016.

5 Things you might not know about me.

  1. Ran the Falmouth half marathon in 2013.
  2. I am an amateur musician, I play the violin and guitar, and am trying to learn the mandolin.
  3. Loves Marmite
  4. Work part time for a wilfully independent board game publishing company: Grublin Games
  5. Firmly believe there is no such thing as ‘too much Lego’.

Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed on this website are entirely mine and shouldn’t be taken as representing the views of any company I am associated with.