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A-Z Challenge @cornishrosie

A-Z of Gapone: U: Uniforms

Uniforms Gaponese society is very regimented, with different members of society wearing uniforms representing different…

A-Z Blogging Challenge @cornishrosie

A-Z of Gapone: T: Tration Empire.

Tration Empire The Tration Empire is truly vast, its scale cannot be understood in terms…

A-Z Blogging Challenge

A-Z of Gapone: S: Shifters:

Shifters There have been Shifters on Gapone since the beginning, however, the relationship between Shifters…

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Portal Wars: Empire Corrupted is my first novel and will be published in 2015.

When not writing I enjoy playing board games with her children, listening to vinyl with her husband and reading books.
I love discovering books I haven't read. What are you reading at the moment? Let me know here.